The Process of Menstruation

Menstruation is the periodic and cyclic bleeding from the uterus caused by the collapse of the endometrial tissue. The process of menstruation takes place with the following steps:

a. Menstrual stage or desquamasi

At the stage of menstruation, from the womb through the vagina with menstrual bleeding and the endometrial lining of the cervical mucus. The blood that comes out does not freeze because there fermen that prevents blood clotting and dilute mucosal pieces.
If your period is a lot of the fermen insufficient causing menstrual blood clots. The amount of bleeding during menstruation is normally ± 50 cc. At the stadium menstrual endometrium becomes thin.

b. Post Menstruum Stadium or Regeneration Stadium

This stage since the day of the fourth period is called the endometrium due to injuries that are released gradually re-covered by a mucous membrane of the epithelium of the newly-endometrial glandular epithelium ± 0.5 mm.

c.  Inter Prolifer Stadium or  Menstruum Stadium

This stage gradually from day 5 of menstruation until day 14 of the first day of menstruation. Glands grow more rapidly than other tissues at this stage of ± 3.5 mm thick endometrium.

d. Pre Menstrual Stadium  or  Secretion Stadium

At this stage endometrial thickness remained unchanged but the form of the gland into a long and winding as well as removing sap. Secretory stage lasts from days to 14-28.

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